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Frequently Asked Questions

Our strips helps decrease the harmful effects of mouth breathing and enhances the many benefits of nose breathing. It decreases snoring, teeth clenching and grinding and improves the quality of your sleep so you wake feeling more rested. There is nothing better than a good night's sleep!  Learn more here

Simply Breathe strips are appropriate for developing healthy nasal breathing habits for adults and children (at parental/physician discretion). It will help people who suffer from congestion, dry mouth, snoring, teeth grinding/clenching during sleep, poor sleep, morning headache or fatigue, heavy or rapid breathing.  If your child is known to mouth breath during sleep, abnormal oral and facial development may develop from improper tongue position and they would benefit also.

If your doctor has prescribed CPAP and you use a nasal mask, you may have been given a chin strap to help decrease mouth air leak.  A closed mouth equals less air leak which leads to improved compliance. Simply Breathe gently and comfortably holds the mouth closed without the addition of another cumbersome strap.

Strips should be used nightly as a sleep-aid until the habit of nose breathing is established. This normally occurs within 3-6 months but may take longer with a more chronic mouth breathing habit.

Remove tape from plastic backing. Gently close the lips. Position the upper edge of tape just above the upper lip. The lower edges of tape will curve down and cover the corners of the lips. Starting in the center, press tape gently to apply.  The easy pull tab does not stick to face and allows for easy removal. 

We accept orders through our online store.

Important: Use tape while awake to confirm effective nasal breathing prior to use during sleep.  If you cannot breathe through your nose effectively, do not use Simply Breathe Strips and consult your physician.

Read package insert before using.  Warning: DO NOT USE  

-when you are sick or have a cold

-have an upset stomach 

-taking sedative or narcotic medications 

- after drinking alcohol

-if you have difficulty breathing through your nose 

-if  you have difficulty with tape use while awake

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Ready To Try Simply Breathe?

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