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lipseal tape founder dr. frank seaman

Our Founder

As a board-certified prosthodontist, Dr. Frank Seaman has spent his career repairing the damage to his clients’ teeth caused by incorrect breathing habits including serious decay, teeth grinding and other chronic dental problems like dry mouth. After spending more than 30 years repairing the damage to his clients’ teeth caused by mouth breathing, Dr. Frank Seaman was determined to find a solution for his patients. His research led him to the practice of mouth taping, a way to gently train the body to breathe through the nose, the way nature intended.

Finding that the only mouth taping solution at the time was micropore tape that was either too sticky, not sticky enough, too smelly and simply uncomfortable, Dr. Seaman created his breakthrough product, LipSeal Tape, which is now Simply Breathe.

In fact, Simply Breathe helps retrain the body to breathe through the nose so well that Dr. Seaman was able to complete the Pikes Peak Ascent - a 14-mile run with over 8,000 feet of elevation gain - with his mouth taped!

Our Product

Simply Breathe is scientifically engineered to improve breathing, performance and sleep by helping retrain the body to shift breathing from the mouth to the nose. Each single-use hypoallergenic strip has just the right amount of adhesion to keep the lips sealed at night, but gently enough to remove every morning without irritating the skin.

Our Philosophy

A good night’s sleep that leaves you rested, rejuvenated and energized shouldn’t involve a pill, prescription drugs or expensive (and complicated) machines. We believe in the wisdom of nature — and the power of mindful breathing. Our bodies are meant to breathe through the nose. It’s a healthier, deeper way to breathe. Simply Breathe is an easy and natural solution to help retrain your body and give you the sleep you deserve.

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