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Simply Breathe Lip Seal Strips

  • Our hypoallergenic, latex-free lip adhesive strips are specially designed for the sensitive skin of the lips. They are easy to use and one little strip is all it takes to decrease snoring, dry mouth, teeth grinding and restless sleep. With Simply Breathe you simply get a better night’s sleep.

    • 30 strips per package.
    • SENSITIVE SKIN SAFE: Hypoallergenic, latex free
    • Light silicone adhesive for easy removal
    • Made in USA
    • Free shipping in the US
    • Orders of 3 packages or more automatically get a 10% discount
    • Quarterly subscriptions offer the best savings of 15%
    • Only one discount tier is available per order
    • Auto-ship every 3 months
    • No obligation
    • Modify or cancel your subscription at any time
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    • Free Standard US shipping
    • Pricing for international orders depends on destination and are only insured via UPS or DHL
    • Customs and duties are the responsibility of the receiving party. Please be familiar with your local policies. Thank you for your understanding.

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Very Helpful!

I have to sleep on my back because of severe TMJ and it causes mild apnea because my mouth falls open. I am CPAP intolerant, and chin straps put too much pressure on my jaw. Simply Breathe Lip Seal Strips have truly solved my problem. I have been sleeping so much better and waking more refreshed. I highly recommend! I was afraid I would feel suffocated by it, and I did a little for the first few minutes, but then I totally forget it's there.

Comfortable and effective

So comfortable and gentle on my sensitive lips and skin. Soft, yet stick firmly. Have been using nightly for nearly four months. Absolutely love them.

Great product! Slow shipping

I love the product shipping locally takes to long I’d rather drive to Denver to pick up

Hi Dave! Thanks for the feedback. The slow USPS shipping times are a bummer for us too! We ship packages promptly- usually same day or next business day at the latest. We look forward to circumstances improving, and offer expedited shipping and the subscription plan as solutions to this in the meantime. Breathe well!

worked great!

I have used micropore tape and the somnifix tape, but this is the best for me. It doesn't hurt when I remove at night to drink water like the other tapes did. The tab on the end makes it easy to remove quickly if you need to do that. Mouth taping has definitely changed my nasal health in a great way. I used to have nose sores and constant dry mouth, but this has solved those problems. With the Simply Breathe Lip Seal Strips I can sleep well through the night! Great product!

Easy to Use, Super Helpful

These simple breathing tools have been very effective in shifting our periodic mouth breathing throughout the night. The one night I didn't use the product, i noticed that my throat was super dry the next day. I'm impressed that strips easily apply and the removal is just as easy- And it helps reduce my partner's sometimes loud snoring - I believe we are both sleeping better. Thanks for making this very accessible.

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