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Simply Breathe Lip Seal Strips

  • Our hypoallergenic, latex-free lip adhesive strips are specially designed for the sensitive skin of the lips. They are easy to use and one little strip is all it takes to decrease snoring, dry mouth, teeth grinding and restless sleep. With Simply Breathe you simply get a better night’s sleep.

    • 30 strips per package.
    • SENSITIVE SKIN SAFE: Hypoallergenic, latex free, non-woven polyester fiber tape with light silicone adhesive.
    • Avoid taking pain medication or excessive alcohol before using mouth tape during sleep.
    • Do not use tape on your lips if you have a cold or feel sick.
    • Talk to your health care provider before trying mouth taping if you have a history of lung disease, injury to your nose, or fear of nose breathing.
    • Made in USA
  • Nose breathing during sleep is the healthiest way to breathe. Breathing through the nose can decrease snoring, teeth grinding, and dry mouth. All of which can decrease sleep quality and can lead to serious health problems. Simply Breathe encourages nose breathing by providing gentle support to keep the lips closed. Awaken feeling refreshed and ready for your day.

  • If your doctor has prescribed CPAP and you use a nasal mask, you may have been given a chin strap to help decrease mouth air leak. A closed mouth equals less air leak which leads to improved compliance. Simply Breathe gently and comfortably holds the mouth closed without the addition of another cumbersome strap.

    • Wash the face to remove dirt, oil, and lotions
    • Curl the lips inward and hold gently together
    • Apply the tape in a horizontal position with the ends curved down (think mustache, not joker smile)
    • Use the pull-tab for quick release

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