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Discover Simply Breathe: The Best Mouth Tape for Sleeping


Are you on the quest for a way to elevate your sleep quality and overall health? The answer might be simpler than you imagine. Driven by the pioneering work of Dr. Frank Seaman, a leader in the airway dental movement, mouth tape for sleeping has emerged as more than just a wellness trend; it’s a significant evolution in sleep hygiene and oral health. At Simply Breathe we are committed to improving sleep and breathing for our customers. So, let's break down the science and benefits of mouth taping and uncover how Simply Breathe stands out as the superior product in the market.

What is Mouth Taping?

Simply put, mouth taping is a method that involves securing your mouth shut at night to ensure optimal breathing through your nose. As a mouth breather, you can rely on Simply Breathe mouth tape to aid your transition to nose breathing.


Beneficial Transformation with Time


Learning to sleep with a taped mouth may appear challenging at first. We recommend using Simply Breathe mouth tape for at least a few weeks to start noticing the benefits. This will also increase your ability to breathe through your nose throughout the day and you will reap benefits far beyond sleep.


Addressing Teeth Clenching and More


Beyond merely improving your sleep quality, mouth taping can also mitigate issues like jaw clenching and bruxism. With the correction in your breathing pattern, you may experience a decline in teeth grinding and accompanying jaw tension. Users have also reported the alleviation of anxiety and heightened relaxation, perhaps correlated to improved cognitive function from nose breathing.


The Superiority of Simply Breathe


At Simply Breathe, we have developed a mouth tape that focuses on your comfort and safety. The shape of the tape is designed to allow your face to rest naturally in the position that encourages a relaxed jaw, unclenched teeth and your tongue to be in the roof of your mouth where it belongs. Dr. Seaman tested extensively to find the adhesive that is just right. Stays all night, but doesn't hurt to come off. It removes easily without stretching skin or leaving residue on this sensitive skin. (Who wants to wax every morning!?) Our product is 100% hypoallergenic, medical-grade adhesive maintains nasal breathing while being gentle and easy to remove. The material is flexible and light, with no added colors, dyes or chemicals.


Experience the Revolution


The benefits of Simply Breathe extend from reducing snoring and addressing sleep apnea symptoms to amplifying sleep quality and energy levels. The transformative product also helps combat mouth dryness and promotes excellent oral health, creating a night-time revolution in sleep-related wellness. You deserve more than just sleep; you deserve refreshment, rejuvenation, and a readiness for what every new day brings.


Breathe easy with Simply Breathe, your trusted companion on the journey to better breathing and healthful sleep.

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