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Simply Breathe Lip Seal Strips

  • Our hypoallergenic, latex-free lip adhesive strips are specially designed for the sensitive skin of the lips. They are easy to use and one little strip is all it takes to decrease snoring, dry mouth, teeth grinding and restless sleep. With Simply Breathe you simply get a better night’s sleep.

    • 30 strips per package.
    • SENSITIVE SKIN SAFE: Hypoallergenic, latex free
    • Light silicone adhesive for easy removal
    • Made in USA
    • Free shipping in the US
    • Orders of 3 packages or more automatically get a 10% discount
    • Quarterly subscriptions offer the best savings of 15%
    • Only one discount tier is available per order
    • Auto-ship every 3 months
    • No obligation
    • Modify or cancel your subscription at any time
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    • Free Standard US shipping
    • Pricing for international orders depends on destination and are only insured via UPS or DHL
    • Customs and duties are the responsibility of the receiving party. Please be familiar with your local policies. Thank you for your understanding.

Customer Reviews

Based on 169 reviews
These Strips Are Working For Me!

As a 68 year old female, I am no longer experiencing waking throughout the night with a snort because I was breathing through my mouth. No more dry mouth either. The strips are easy to wear, and I breathe freely through my nose. Didn't take long to get use to wearing one every night. They're easy to remove quickly, if I have to cough, sneeze or speak. Don't mind the taking off part because it does it's job so well. [1-10 scale about a 2-4] I've been through childbirth; this is a piece of cake! lol I will be buying more.

Paula Pollard
Good Product

Really helpful product!! It made perfect sense to use this product. I’ve recommended it to others.

Linda Birch
This is a great product

I first tried these two years ago, and have used them every night ever since. I sleep more deeply, and don’t wake up parched and desperately thirsty like I did before. Several years ago I tried another brand of strips, and they felt so annoying that I just couldn’t sleep. So I appreciate this brand even more. And all my Simply Breathe orders have arrived really quickly (and without alot of extra packaging, thank you). Highly recommended!

Milina Popovic

The seal strips are amazing! The product is such good quality and it only improves, within the two years I have been ordering them they have only ever gotten better. I appreciate the simpler packaging as well it’s better for the environment and more practical. Thumbs up 👍
Thank you!

Easy to use and doesn’t hurt my lips.

The soft strips don’t hurt my lips and have made it easy to use. My snoring is almost nonexistent!

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